Service Fees

Standard hours and times

A minimum of two hours must be booked consecutively for any service scheduled. This ensures that there is no rush for myself or you or your loved one while we are together. You are welcome to book longer than two hours as the schedule allows. 

It is important to me to keep my pricing very straightforward.  My focus is always to remain on the quality of care that I provide and not to get caught up in confusing rates.  There are no hidden fees for travel costs (within service area), credit card charges, specific services, etc.  My three rates are consistent across the board.


Service Areas

My service area is within a roughly 15-mile radius of downtown Savannah.
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Here listed are some of the cities where my client base lives: 

Your Care is My Priority

How to Live The Graceful Way

My work and calling is not rigid.  I do not come in with a set protocol of what I do or how I do it as each of my clients are beautifully unique.

I offer a framework of ideas and services that I provide and then as we get to know each other and dive deeper into things you’d like to see done or tasks you’d like help with, we will work together to achieve them.

This could be as simple as wanting to prepare a meal to host your family or helping you do the laundry one day, to something larger like taking treasured items from your past to create a legacy project to pass down to your family members. 

What I do, and what we do together will evolve, not only weekly but daily.

My role is to offer care, support and companionship in the present moment. To provide you and your family peace of mind so you can continue to live a fulfilling and enriching life in your own way. 

Life is all about balance and we can’t do it all alone.  It truly takes a village through all phases and stages of our lives and we need others in our lives to thrive.  Independence and continuing to live at home as age or illness progresses can mean so much more when it is found in safe and nourishing ways.  It should never be done at the expense of safety or happiness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment types accepted for service include Cash, Check or Credit Card.


All clients will be required to create a monthly “Retainer” when services begin.  This retainer will allow for services to begin seamlessly, and visits will be deducted from it after each service day.  At the end of each week, you will receive an itemized invoice via email allowing you to see how many hours have been used that week, and how much is left in the retainer.


The retainer amount will be determined at the New Client Meet and Greet and will be set up based on how many hours per week are being requested.


Any amount left in the retainer that month can be rolled over to the next month’s retainer.  If extra visits need to be added in a month that will in turn exceed the retainer’s amount, an invoice will be sent at the end of the month for the remaining hours owed plus the following month’s retainer. 


If you would like to leave a credit card on file, you may do safely and can email or text me at any time to replenish the retainer for you.  If you prefer to pay via cash or check, I will ask that once the end of the month statement is received, payment be left at the next scheduled service date.


Whenever you feel the need to stop services, an itemized invoice will be sent to you totaling out services up to that point and any money that is left in the retainer will be returned to you via check or refunded to a credit card. If money is owed, it will be asked that payment be sent asap, not exceeding a 15-day grace period from the time invoice is sent.

48-hours is requested if you know you need to cancel an upcoming visit. If you cancel outside of that 48-hour window, there will be no charge for that visit. 

If the cancellation falls within the 48-hour window, fees for that service will be deducted from the retainer. The 48-hour window will allow me to open my schedule to someone else who may be in need of service. 

If I show up to a scheduled visit but that visit is no longer needed or someone is not home, there will be a full charge for that scheduled service. 

Yes, I have full insurance and bonding coverage. 

If you find yourself called to my services but are located outside of my current service area, please feel free to send me a message. 

If my schedule allows, there is always the possibility that I am able to accommodate towns outside of my current service area. There will be an added fee for travel and this will be relayed to you when we connect. 

Not at all. You may find yourself or your loved one only needing care with grocery shopping, or perhaps you may be interested in hiring me for respite care for your loved one while you take some much-needed time for self-care. 

When we sit down at our New Client Get Together, we can discuss what your needs are and create a completely customized service schedule for you or your loved one. You do not need to sign on for all of my services to begin. 

As time passes, if you find you or your loved one are needing more, or perhaps less care, we can update our service plan to reflect current needs. 

Because my service rate is standard across the board, we can easily add or remove at any time without hassle. 

At the end of each visit period, a small note will be left in a notebook there at the home. 

A detailed email will then be drafted up and sent to you, the Primary Caregiver, recounting what was done that day in terms of requested care/tasks as well as updates on any emotional, physical, or mental changes that have been noted. The length of this email will vary based on services requested, time spent, and the uniqueness of the individual. 

I kindly ask that you read each one. If you have any questions, concerns, requests that are important or pressing, please always feel free to email me back or call me at anytime. 

If you are hiring me for yourself and do not wish to have an email sent after each visit, you may opt-out. 


Let's Create a Plan

How to Live The Graceful Way

One or all of our services may speak to you. Know that when we agree to work together, you will let me know what your needs are and we will create a plan and schedule that fits your desires.

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