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Empowered care and companionship for the elderly and terminally ill.


Our Mission is to provide peace of mind through empowered care and companionship in the comfort of your home.

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Serving clients in the Savannah, Georgia and Lowcountry area.
Certified Care
Insured and Bonded. We are certified by the Care Doula School of Accompanying the Dying.
"It would be my pleasure to work with you and your loved ones to offer care, support, and structure to maintain a happy and fulfilling life."
Caitlin Kucsan,
Director of The Graceful Way
Respect & Compassion

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How to Live The Graceful Way

Daily Life Tasks
Journeying Deeper

Our mission is to provide peace of mind through empowered care and companionship in the comfort of your home.

What does this mean?

Wellness is a journey;  a daily traveling alongside your ever-changing ecology and uniqueness.  A being mindful, present and open to your needs as they evolve. Wellness is the vehicle that helps you to reach the goals you set for yourself and fulfill the intentions of your life.

We are all beginning to realize as a collective that wellness goes far beyond the medical realm. Wellness is the totality of your life lived.  It encompasses your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

It is in taking accountability and responsibility, in being gentle, fluid and mindful with yourself and others.  It is in the way you respect your own unique rhythm as you age or as illness progresses. 

Our wellness needs evolve as we do, and as we age or find ourselves troubled by the onset of an illness, we can reclaim our power in recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all way of handling it.

It can be scary to lose our sense of who we once were or the strengths we once had and with that, it becomes easier to focus on the things that we can no longer do.  When this becomes our focus, it weakens our sense of self and steals our joy.  But joy can still be found when we allow ourselves to be assisted in the things that have begun to become difficult for us, freeing us up to use our precious time and energy for those things we still hold so dear. 

Each phase of life has new opportunities, new joys, new lessons and new ways of being for us to explore. 

My purpose is to help you or your loved one with the daily tasks of life that have begun to feel burdensome so that precious time can be spent in fulfilling ways.

Read on to find out more about me and how I can provide this to you.

Great Care
Our caretaker, Caitlin, will be attentive and present to your evolving needs and care.
Caitlin with Gemma and Mojo
We provide protocols and tools to ensure a safe visit every time.

Our Process

New Client Get Together

Appointment Setup

If you’ve read through my story and my offerings and you feel ready to take the next step, we will set up a time for a virtual consultation to get a feel for each other- at no cost to you. 

Virtual Meeting

This will offer us roughly 30 minutes to an hour to discuss the needs of you or your loved one, ask questions, share concerns, express desires, and intentions, and feel if this is a good partnership to move forward. If it feels like a good match, we will set up a time for our official New Client Get Together to begin to discuss a care plan based on our conversation. This will take place in you or your loved one’s home and will be considered the first official visit. This meeting will be roughly 1-2 hours long. 

In-Home New Client Get Together

After the first two interviews, we can get started. If you are hiring for a loved one and you live out of state or out of the area, we will set up their care plan with a virtual New Client Get Together. From here, I kindly ask that you please be in touch with them (the day of) before my first official visit so that you may remind them that you are bringing me onboard to assist them. I will also do this when I arrive, but it will be a much softer transition for them if they are hearing it from their loved ones first. 

Application and Processing

At our initial New Client Get Together, we will fill out all paperwork including, but not limited to: 


Non-Medical Care Waiver

Payment Policy

Client Information Packet

Key Agreement*

Care Plan Schedule

*Please be sure to have a house key available to leave on file with me at our New Client Get Together. 

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